Java Fresher job – Required Technical and Personal skills

Java technology has awesome job opportunities. Big application, e-commerce websites are being developed in Java Technology. “An excellent skills in Java and its related technologies having endless opportunities”.

Are you looking for java developer job as a fresher or experienced professional? Do you want to know the job opportunities with Java technology? Then go ahead with this post. We will explain must have skills for a java developer.

Basic and must have Skills For Java Jobs:


1. Must have excellent knowledge in OOP (Object Oriented Programming) :

Java is an object oriented programming language. Each and every technology related to Java follows OOP’s concept. Java web frameworks like JSF termed as Java Server Faces and Struts also follow Object Oriented Programming features. You must have strong practical knowledge in OOP’s. Please do some basic programming and read some useful articles on web.

2. Excellent Practical Knowledge Of Core Java :

You must have a hand on experience of Core Java. I would suggest to do plenty of standalone core java examples on Collections (List, ArrayList, Set, HashSet, Vector, Map, Iterator classes), JDBC, Utilities (Math Class, Wrapper Classes, StringBuffer, StringTokenizer).

Java technologies should be treated like mathematics. As much you will practice as much you will gain.

You can follow our core java examples tutorials for reference. We add more tutorials in future. For any Support please contact us with your query.

Most of the people failed to get Java jobs due to lack of practice and patience. So keep practice and keep patience. Doing examples will improve your skills. Read valuable articles to know proper use of tags, methods and classes. Based on experience people use to write. Follow top Java blogs to know basics as well as advance things. By reading blogs you can find the best practices of a method or Java class.

3. Good knowledge of Data base Tools :

You must have a good knowledge on Database and its tools. you must know Mysql, Orcale or any Database.  Required skills in this area have been listed
1. Setting up a Database Server and client.
2. Must be able to perfom CRUD queries ( Inserting, deleting and updation of records)
3. Must know how to work with Database in Java. Java uses its JDBC technology to interact with data base tools.
4. Good to know how to perform Joins and Subqueries.
5. Some performance improving techniques: indexes and views.
6. Some advance skills to add value. Administration, Tuning

You have good knowledge in database. It means you can do database operations using your programming skills. You have an idea about the changes happening in database due to your code.

4.  IDE (Eclipse or Net beans) :

You should know how to use eclipse or Net Beans IDE tools to run Java application.

5.  Good knowledge on Java Web technology :

This is the area where these 5 skills are must. These are the basic web tecnlogy skills required for a java developer

2. Servlet
3. JSP
4. Java Script
5. XML


Advance Skills Required For Java Jobs:


These skills would bring a lot of inner motivation and confidence in you. Moreover they will ensure your java developer jobs.

6. MVC (Model View Controller) Web Frameworks :

Having excellent knowledge of JSF or Struts MVC web frameworks adds high marks during job interview. Spring is an advance concept in this criteria.

7. ORM technologies :

You must have knowledge of either Hibernate or EJB. You should have good knowledge of JPA (Java Persistent API). JPA is required to map database tables.


Personal Points for a Java Career:


8.  Patience and Confidence :

It needs a lot of confidence on and patience in ourself to get a development job. I have live examples. My friend learnt all the technical skills required to grab a developer job. I was also guiding him. He was clearing technical rounds in interviews. The one thing lead him to do a telecommunication job is lack of confidence, patience and less faith on his own. Telecommunication is also a great field with opportunities. It is true that getting late in first job makes tense. But if we are able to get a software development jobs then why are we in hurry. Hope plays always and build confidence in you. Please do not loose your hope.

9. Communication Skill :

You should have execellent communication skills.

10.  Good Health :

You should be careful to your health. Java developer, freelancer jobs are full of stress. It needs a lot of mental and physical ability. I have few stories of Software developers who got health issue. It happened to them because they were continuosly seating on chairs and not doing physical excercise. Please be careful to your health. Eat heathy foods and do proper excercise.

11. Luck Factor :

What will happen if got sick or have problem on the interview or exam date. Even if you have better knowledge than others you will miss the opportunity. So Good luck plays. Pray to God for everything you have!

So these all points have been covered for java developer looking for a java jobs.

12. Please email your resume : 

Please email your resume at We will reference you to companies in case they are contacting us for job.

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  1. Avatar for Tarun Singh
    Moahammad says:

    thank you for the help…..

  2. Avatar for Tarun Singh
    paras kumar b.k. says:

    thank you bro. the article is very good and motivational. I am a engineering student and trying to learn java program. Thank to give idea about the scope of java technology. i will be in contact with u if will get any problem in java. thank you

    • Avatar for Tarun Singh
      Tarun Singh says:

      Welcome Paras. Just seen you are studying in Nation College of Engineering, affiliated to Tribhuvan university. Please let me know if you have any queries in Java projects. I am also working with Java trainees who are doing their last year college project. I use to run online classes for them on every Saturday and Sunday. Feel free to ask your questions. Thanks.

  3. Avatar for Tarun Singh
    Raja says:

    I am a java fresher this content helped me well to know what the requirements. Thank you so much for the content.

  4. Avatar for Tarun Singh
    JYOTI says:

    this content gave me more idea for confident in java so that by following this content the student can get a good job so thanks TARUN SIR JI.

  5. Avatar for Tarun Singh
    Nidhi says:

    A wonderful article! Very informative…

    How should a fresher java developer start out, so that he/she can gain enough experience and in 3-4 years shift to a high end company like Wipro, HCL, Flipkart etc?
    Do you know good any startup companies where such valuable experience can be gained??

    Also, what is the importance of mathematics for a programmer, what kind of mathematical algos should we practice our hands on?

    Please do reply.. Thanks in advance!

    • Avatar for Tarun Singh
      Tarun Singh says:

      Thanks Nidhi for your comment. For freshers jobs I would suggest you to create your profile with Job portals (Naukari, Monster, Shine and Times Job). Please search job for freshers in job portals. To list out more companies you can put different options like 0 years, 4 years, 3 years experience. Job portals will provide you relevant suggestions.
      I would suggest you to email your resume to start up companies. Contact them directly by phone. Please do validation from your side about the start up company. Things to validate 1. It should be registered with Government of India. 2. Work environment – you can ask your questions to HR politely.
      Coming to algorithms you can find many using Google. I would suggest to read programming blogs which provide examples. I am writing on core java. It would take time almost 1 years.
      In start up companies you will work and learn more than a established companies. All freshers and experienced can email their resume at

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